The Lodge

Construction on the 9,000 square feet Lodge was completed in June 2019. Our family owned lodge provides world class accommodations. We have 8 spacious suites, which include beautiful views, luxurious king-size beds, and private balconies. We have two smaller but equally comfortable rooms as well. Each room is inspired by a native bird and boasts unique artwork from local artists and photographers. The Lodge includes several social areas to relax in and a wood burning oven for pizza parties. The organic farm on our property provides most of the produce for the delicious meals we custom create to suit your dietary needs.



The Property

Spread over 20 acres, the property includes several kilometers of walking paths through the forest, creeks and gardens; a farm with vegetables, fruit trees and coffee plants; a large greenhouse to propagate seedlings and host our rare plant collection and a beautiful plant nursery.



The Farm

The farm on our property is managed by our father, Alvaro, and our wonderful employees Nubia, Leoncio, Jeffer, Julian and Jaimito. Most of the food we serve at the Lodge is from the farm!