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If you’re a nature lover, Colombia is the place for you! Colombia, one of eleven mega-diverse countries in the world and the world’s second most biodiverse nation, is home to more bird species than any other on the globe and 56,300 species of plants, including 9,100 endemic species. With almost 2,000 species of birds, our beautiful country is home to close to 20% of the world’s species of birds yet occupies less than 1% of the world’s landmass. This diversity can be attributed to the intricate Colombian geography in which the Andes play a prominent role. This mountain system, the longest on Earth, branches out into three ranges on its path through Colombia. Araucana Lodge is on the Western Andes, about 80 km from the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re looking for a relaxing retreat, a botanical tour, bird watching or cultural tours, we can help. Our family has over 10 years of experience in Colombian tourism. If you would like to book a birdwatching tour, take a look at the tours offered by our sister company, Colombia Birdwatch. If you are interested in cultural tours, city tours, salsa tours, river tours and more, please check out our other sister company, Colombia Exploring.   

If you would like us to arrange a specialized day tour, we are happy to do so. Our team of botanists and horticulturists can create a custom botanical and/or horticultural tour for you and other guests. Please note, these are not plant collecting tours. Email us at for more information.